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Testimonials: Testimonials

Our children have been attending Glocester Childcare Center for over a year now, and we have only positive things to say about the exceptional care they have provided. Neither of my children had been in daycare previously, and were understandably nervous. The entire staff took care in ensuring that they felt safe and comfortable in their new environment. My son graduated from preschool there this summer, and I’m amazed by all the things he has been prepared for entering into kindergarten. With COVID restrictions in place, we were not able to attend a typical graduation ceremony, but the staff took many steps into making it a special and memorable time for him, and for us, and we couldn’t be more grateful. My daughter loves going to school each and every day. She is to the point where she doesn’t even say bye to me any more, and just walks right in. She, too, amazes me with all that she is learning, both socially and academically. If you’re looking for a caring, safe, welcoming, and clean environment for your children, that feels like home, then this center is for you!

Laura Maio

We found Glocester Childcare when our original daycare opted to stay closed through the summer after shutting down due to COVID, and frankly none of us were doing well with two parents trying to work full-time with two young children home with us. We started sending our boys full-time in mid-July, and though my husband and I have yet to set foot in the building due to health regulations, we are extremely happy with our decision! We were hoping for some socialization and play time, but we’ve gotten so much more than that. My son in the Preschool 3 room is learning more than I would have ever expected. He can almost write his name and he knows how to spell not only his own name, but the names of some friends too. He loves Miss Shauna and comes home with excited stories about science experiments, obstacle courses, and his daily job. The updates Miss Shauna sends are absolutely the highlight of my week. Seeing my son happily learning and playing at school is a ray of sunshine during this difficult time. My toddler excitedly shouts his teacher’s name when we pull up in the morning, and he goes in the building with barely a glance back at me. He obviously loves the friends he’s made and though he doesn’t “tell” me as much about his day, I feel confident that he is safe and having fun! The director, Miss Ashley, is absolutely amazing - truly one of the nicest, most helpful, and consistently friendly people I’ve ever met. She is quick with responses to any form of communication and really makes parents feel heard and valued. She is the heart of the place in more ways than one! Overall, we couldn’t be more thrilled with our decision and we highly recommend Glocester Childcare Center!

Shana Masterson

We just started our boys in Glocester child care center in September. It was there first time away from me by themselves, I was hyperventilating! They were absolutely amazing at gccc! My boys were comfortable and just about walking in themselves the next week! One of my sons is in the toddler class with miss sarah, the other is in pre k 3 with miss Shauna. They are both absolutely amazing. I feel completely at ease knowing they are enjoying their time there and are well cared for. Gccc staff go above and beyond to make sure every kid is well cared for and comfortable. My boys are learning so much and having so much fun, they cannot wait to go again! Thank you to all the staff at Glocester Child Care Center for all you do!

Kasey Holman

Our son has been attending Glocester Childcare Center since last year. The staff is incredible and they are always so accommodating. He loves going and we love what the center has to offer.

Kelly Gallant

My daughter started at Glocester Childcare a week before they had to close due to Covid back in March. Every day she would ask about going back to school stating she missed her new friends and teachers. She is currently in the Pre-K 4 year old room and comes home excited each day. She is always singing songs she learned and telling us about her day. The teachers and staff are great about contacting parents and keeping them informed and her teacher shares pictures of our kids using a secure app and email. They are helping her to be ready to move onto kindergarten next September.

Amy Shayer

I absolutely love GCCC! The entire staff is so friendly and caring towards all the little ones and the parents. I see nothing but smiles every time I go there. They have a great environment and you can tell they care. I started leaving my little boy there at the end of last year and since then I have bumped him up to being there full time during the week. Their hours are perfect and now they have this new app that gives me updates on my boy’s day, including photos of his day while he plays! I can keep in touch with them and pay tuition easily too. I’m so happy I chose them to take care of my little one! Kudos to everyone and I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend them to anyone in need of a positive daycare for their child!

Leeanna Raposo

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